Pike County Friday Night Movies

Have you been inside the “New” and improved Pike County Auditorium? We need to support our town and check out the movies they are offering. If you missed it last week, here is the remainder of their schedule:

$3.00 Students
$5.00 Adults
Starts at 6:00 p.m.
Concessions open
FRIDAY; 06/14/2013
OZ The Great & Powerful

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age Continental Drift

FRIDAY 06/28/2013
Cars 1 & 2

Come out and support your community so we can get our students involved in the arts again. Proceeds to go back into the auditorium.

Pike County Auditorium

Renovation to the Pike County Auditorium has been completed. Everyone is invited to check out the transformation of the old auditorium into a wonderful, updated Performing Arts facility on May 17, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Entertainment will be provided by talented students of Pike County Schools drama, chorus and band ensembles.


Pike County High School Drama 1 Act Play
Pike County Middle and High School Chorus
Grand Finale by the Pike County Pirate Regiment Band




Cathy Nichols
McLeRoy Realty

Bull Bash

Bull RidingIt’s that time again. Time for the 3rd annual Bull Bash will be happening again this year at the Chestnut Oak Center on May 3-4th. Local bulls from XX Bulls will be part of the action as professional bull riders from across the nation hold on tight to win the competition. The event is presented by XX Bulls and Johnson Enterprises, (Ron Johnson).

Funny man Matt Merritt will be there again for his third year in a row.

Gates will open at 6:00 p.m. for participants to enjoy activities such as riging the mechanical bull and food. The bull riding events will begin at 8:00 p.m. The Chestnut Oak Center is at the corner of Hwy 19 South and Sendefur Road in Meansville.

Advance tickets will begin April 19th for 10 or tickets are $12 at the gate. Children 5 years and younger will be admitted free. Tickets will be for sale at Circle R Feed in Zebulon and Spalding Pawn in Griffin.

For more information, go to the Annual Chestnut Oak Bull Bash Facebook page.

Sponsors include: Big Time Products, National Brake and Muffler, Southern States, Tim’s Country Cooking, The Know My Heart Ministries, Drain Right Gutters, Village Photography, Circle R Feed and Johnson Enterprises.

Opening Day for Baseball/Softball 2013

Softball/BaseballOpening Day Baseball



Well, the calendar said first day of Spring yesterday and today there’s still a chill in the air and tomorrow is supposed to be even colder with a chance of rain/sleet/flurries.  Welcome Opening Day of Baseball/Softball.  I can remember freezing my tail off when we were having try-outs.  It’s just another reminder to us that Mother Nature is in control not us.  Well I should say God is in control.

A parade will start off the festivities on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 11:00 at Pike County Primary School Horseshoe Drive.  Sorry kidd’s but no candy will be thrown from parade vehicles this year due to safety concerns for the children.  Once at the ball field from the parade, opening ceremonies will be held at 12:00 noon   Parade of Athletes will start off the ceremony followed by OPENING PRAYER, NATIONAL ANTHEM, and  the throwing of the first pitch.  The first games of Baseball and Softball are scheduled to begin at 1:00.

They will have plenty of food and fun for everyone.  There will be inflatables, concession stands and additional food vendors on hand to serve your needs.  Please also remember the park is now 100% TOBACCO FREE.



Fall is in the Air

I think this is my favorite time of the year.  I used to think it was Spring but now I think it’s fall.  Fall is a welcome change from the extremely hot summer we had this year.  I know we had several days in a row that it was above 90 degrees.  Still, right now, I looked at my phone at 2:00 in the afternoon and it says the Imagetemperature is 69 degrees!!!!  Whoo Hoo!  So ready for this. 

Did you put out your fall “stuff” yet?  I had the best of intentions but I just couldn’t get myself up in my attic to retrieve it.  Pike County Georiga is trying to get ALL households to decorate for Fall.  First day of fall was Saturday, September 22, 1012. 

Happy Fall Y’all.   

Heart of Georgia – Board of Realtors

Today was the day for our monthly Heart of Georgia Board of Realtors luncheon.  It’s always good to see other fellow realtors to catch up on what’s been going on.  It was held at 6th St. Pier, our usual place, and as always the food was delish.  David outdid himself today.  Marinated London Broil, Broccoli casserole, salad, bread and a wonderful dessert of Banana Pudding.  YUM YUM. 

Today’s topic was Landscaping.  We had guest speaker, John Newman with Classic Landscapes come and speak to us.   We hear of curb appeal a lot and John helped us with some great choices for cooler months coming up that will add color and personality to your home.  He gave a power point presentation of the different types Classic Landscapesof flowers, bushes and shrubs that will add that important curb appeal so many of us lack.  Plant smaller plants toward the front with medium-sized in the middle and of course tall in the back.  Edge trimming is also very important for that clean look.  Colorful containers are  something you can put out if you’re selling your home.  You can always take those with you when you leave.   Another word of advise, just like the inside, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER. 

Thanks John for a very informative presentation.  We’re glad you made it out.

If you are ever needing any direction, I’m sure John would be more than happy to help. 

I hope when you think of real estate you will remember to “Call Cathy”  770-584-2716.

“They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

Pike Octoberfest – Repost by Mike Phillips – County Manager of Pike County, Georgia


                                                             Pike Oktoberfest             

Can you hear that?  That’s the sound of travelers who zip by in seconds.  Would you like to do something that would be good for Pike County, and for your neighbors and friends?  You can.  Would you like to show Middle Georgia why Pike County is such a good place to live, work, and play?  You can.  Would you like to have some fun while you are doing it?  You can.              Last year, the Downtown Development Authority held a Piketoberfest, and displayed “scarecrows” outside of several businesses in Zebulon.  It would be great this year if we could make this a county-wide effort and leave the scarecrows up for several weeks so that visitors and family could come in and see them, and appreciate the good times and good things that happen in Pike County.              Fall starts September 22nd.  Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 22nd.  Why not put up a scarecrow in front of your house or business, in all the cities and throughout Pike County, from Friday, September 21st, at the beginning of Fall, until Sunday, November 25th, through the Thanksgiving weekend for family visits.  This is a long period, but it will allow visitors to come and send their friends and family, over several weekends, and see all of the scarecrows on display.  This will allow plenty of time to get the word out to your neighbors, and then lots of people can come to Pike County to see what is “Just Down The Road A Piece”.  We can develop a list of the scarecrows and where they are located, with a street address so that visitors can easily find all of them.  We can update this list and send it out to all of the City Halls and the Library so they can have a copy for visitors to pick up and search out through the countryside on their GPS and Chamber Pike County maps.  You will find that lots of folks will stop to take pictures, especially if they can get in the photo with the scarecrow.  This is good for Pike County businesses because they will get out of their cars and maybe take a step into our stores and businesses to see what else we have and spend a few dollars while they are here.  It will make a great write-up for the newspapers in our area, and it will give you something to send to Aunt Martha and Cousin Jim to encourage them to come and visit.  And you could get a photo of Nana standing beside the “Pretty Boy” or “Six Babies”.  The scarecrows should be full-sized and home-made, so that we can show off our creativeness – happy, scary, sitting, standing, whatever you can do to make them look special.  Pick a theme for your scarecrow, pick a name, categorize it (in case we decide to recognize one out of each category).               Use this e-mail address, and send me the name of your scarecrow, a category grouping (such as religious, military, old time, etc.), your address for our list, and maybe a picture if you can, so that we can develop a photo album.  A phone number would help just in case we have trouble locating your scarecrow for a photo (We will not give out your name or phone number on the list).  As noted, we will share this with the media, and whoever asks.              The scarecrows and visitor comments?  Twitter will be “Tweeting”, and “Facebook” will be full of our faces, and the scarecrows will be in your “e-mails to family and friends”, and everyone will enjoy the good times in Pike County.  They will be seeing our scarecrows in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Savannah, Mobile, and so on; and thinking about what they are missing out on by not visiting or living here.  What will it cost you?  Maybe a couple of dollars for something to stuff your old clothes with (safety pins if you can’t sew).  You can find the materials at the local thrift stores (good pricing, buying local, and helping people in need in the community).  That’s cheap considering what a great time you and your neighbors will have “showing off” your scarecrows.  Don’t let your neighbor out-do you.  Don’t forget to let the kids help; they may have better ideas than us old folks, and they will get a memory of Family Time that you can’t buy with money.  This could be one more step into art shows and events for Pike County, showing what we can do, and what we are doing.  We could have 100 to 200 scarecrows up during this Oktoberfest in Pike County.  Good Luck.